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about posthipster

posthipster is a word that i discovered while trawling amongst the communities of orkut. from the community there and my own supposition, i was able to cobble together the following definition:

post•hip•ster (pst-hpstr)

Of or relating to art, dress, or lifestyle that reacts against earlier hipster principles, as by reintroducing traditional or classical elements of style or by carrying hipster styles or practices to extremes of ironic detachment: “He simultaneously communicated multiple levels of posthipster lifestyle to different audiences by wearing a NASCAR hat in combination with an Armani suit.”

One who is exceptionally aware of or interested in the latest trends and tastes; yet dislikes them, and hopes to supersede them by increments. Conversely, one who is so out of touch with modern styles, or true to their roots, so as to be ironically fashionable.

in other words, posthipster is a way of sounding cooler than cool without having to put much effort into it. i like what i like, and i’ll be the way that i am, because i’m so posthipster it’s ridiculous.

about the website

i put this site together for a number of reasons. first and foremost was that my hard drive crashed for the second time in as many years, taking with it all my photos, documents, music, etc. i determined then that Losing Your Stuff Sucks™. so i decided to make a website where i could warehouse all my stuff, and at the same, share it out with people that might care. this site also fulfills the purpose of giving me a soapbox to stand on so I can’t rant and rave about whatever i want, and there isn’t anyone to contradict me (at least, not until i add the comments section). and finally, the site can be my go-to-guy when people are always asking me how i am or what i’ve been up to. instead of saying “fine” and “business as usual” i can say “check out” – doesn’t that make me a such swell guy and wonderful conversationalist?

if you care about the technical details, i registered this web address through and it’s being hosted through – both of which cut me great deals for the service they provide. the site is being run on apache, php, and mysql. i’m writing the whole thing on my own - no software help of any kind - which means i had to learn a few new programming/scripting languages to get this bucket off the ground. it also means that there won’t be much content on the site until i figure out all the backend stuff.

an open note to hackers, script kiddies, and other would-be mischievous miscreants: this site is more than likely chock full of security holes. if you really wanted to, you could destroy, erase, or completely deface a lot of things i worked hard for here. things that have personal significance to me and me alone. i bet that would make you feel just great, wouldn’t it?