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wedding site
|| by jeff | tuesday, december 23, 2008 11:03pm | comments(12) | permalink | post comment ||

our wedding site is now up: Прокат и аренда гидроциклов в СПб

|| by jeff | saturday, june 28, 2008 4:57pm | comments(1) | permalink | post comment ||

movies where something really bad happens to the world in 1997:
escape from new york
terminator 2
twelve monkeys

did you know...
|| by jeff | saturday, january 26, 2008 3:59pm | comments(0) | permalink | post comment ||

... the electric car has been a reality for some time now?

not just prototypes, but fully realized, useable, efficient, fast, affordable, safe, covenient and smart looking electric cars have been around since the 1990s.

they charge over night in your garage and last all day.

they're fully legal and insurable for driving anywhere you go.

and they use absolutely no gas whatsoever.

in today's world our dependence on oil is hurting our wallets, our environment, our health, and it's a major cause of global violence.

switching to electric cars could reduce our dependence on oil dramatically (around 63% according to many estimates) in a very rapid time frame.

so why don't you know these cars exist and why can't you buy one?

well, the major auto manufacturers don't want to sell them. the reason they give? there's no demand. the real reason? it's disruptive to their business.

how could there not be demand for a panacea for some of the biggest concerns of our time?

major auto manufacturers, oil companies, and politicians are protecting their current and predictable revenue streams.

i'm no conspiracy theorist. the facts are all right there if you want to see them:

history of electric cars
tesla motors - introducing an all-electric sports car in 2008
who killed the electric car?

since when...
|| by jeff | saturday, january 26, 2008 2:39pm | comments(0) | permalink | post comment ||

...has it been a bad thing for a politician to change their mind in the face of new facts?

i'm sick and tired of using the fact that a politician has changed their mind as an argument for why they are unfit for office.

when given new information, doesn't it make sense to adapt to that new information? isn't continuing on the current trajectory, even when it has been proven incorrect, exactly what we want to avoid in a leader?