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Federal Lending Institution
|| by jeff | tuesday, february 10, 2009 11:59pm | comments(9) | permalink | post comment ||

I have a question:

Rather than lend this bailout money to financial institutions, where the government can’t possibly have tight enough control over how it is managed, spent, or repaid, why not start up a federal lending agency instead?

This way they would have all the control they need over how the money is spent, as well as fine control over the overhead costs. They could loan the money directly to the businesses that would help stimulate the economy the most; and they wouldn’t have to worry about defining executive pay caps and all this other nonsense.

The other side of setting up this lending agency is that the government could buy out all the “toxic” debt being held by the remaining financial institutions, getting it off their books and putting them back on a path towards normalcy. Then the federal lending agency could work with the debtors to come up with reasonable payment plans (with directly controlled interest rates and terms), in part sponsored by the bailout.

Loans that turn out to be profitable, either made directly to responsible businesses or rehabilitated debt based on the above programs, could be sold back to private financial institutions to help cover the cost of the bailout and that debt which is not recoverable. This would limit the overall lifetime of such an agency and encourage moving back to normal business over time. In a sense, the debtors would be directly responsible for paying back the budget deficit caused by the bailout as well.

As a small side benefit, this federal lending agency could potentially create new jobs or recover lost jobs as well.

Doing the above immediately attacks the problem at its source while setting up the existing financial institutions to live or die by their own chosen business practices moving forward.

The only enlightened argument I’ve heard about why this doesn’t happen is that either 1) it grants the federal government too much power or 2) it’s politically dangerous to someone who would propose such a plan (presumably because of #1). But at this time, we’re having issues specifically because the federal government does not have enough power to tackle this problem in its current state, and the money they’re handing over to private institutions is being misspent. I would also argue that this actually helps the free market in the end because it gives private institutions the chance to reset the clock and move forward with productive business plans and zero government intervention. Call it a one-time “get out of jail free” card for the guys that got us in to this mess. Seems like a win-win for just about everyone…

Wine Decanting Guide
|| by sporraiflac | wednesday, august 31, 2016 10:49am ||

5 Great Tips To bear in mind When Buying A Ping Pong Table

And because of the popularity of this table tennis game, now many people prefer to buy a real ping pong table. Besides a table you just need to have your own paddles and balls and you are prepared to play your preferred sports anytime.

Here are five great hints for buying a ping pong table:

1. Reconditioned or mobile ping pong table

Prior to buying a table tennis table you have to decide whether you would like a table with a permanent set up or something that may be easily packed and put back. For simple and regular set up, you are able to get a fold-up model with rollers for smooth motion. A roller table tennis table comes with brakes in the wheels that can be employed to stop the table moving around when in use.


The right depth of the table top is a must should you need to buy quality table seo pressor plugin table tennis. The conventional thickness should be 3/4" or more. Plus, ping pong table tops with less than 3/4" thick do not help the balls to bounce consistently over the whole face of the table.

3. Stuff of the ping pong table top

Generally the thicker the table top, the better is the quality. Make sure the thicker particle boards employed for making a table top are of the greatest quality. You may also buy table tennis table tops made from resin material which offers higher resistance to warpage in comparison with the regular particle board. Besides the substance also ensure that the evenness of support underneath the top since it is directly linked with the bounce quality of a ping pong table.

4. Options that come with the ping pong table framework:

The longevity of a stiga ping pong table mainly depends upon the construction of the framework. A table with many connecting points inside the chassis give better durability even with leaner legs affilorama buy now Do not go for a table tennis table with thick legs or skinny legs, but check out whether the connecting points are set in the correct spots or not. Higher quality linking points placed in the optimum places brings more durability.

5. Finish of the ping pong table top

The finish of the ping pong table must be smooth and despite no patches or rough spots. Place your eyes at table height from many sides and search for just about any bending or warping which can affect the bounce of the ball. Additionally check out for just about any rough edges to the top and sides as it may injure you while playing. If possible use a rule to check the height of the bounce. Usually a typical ball should bounce about 23cm when dropped on it from a height of 30cm.

Only remember the aforementioned purposes while buying a stiga ping pong table and you an appreciate table tennis for a long

|| by burfepe | thursday, september 8, 2016 3:28am ||

HD>>> (Человек в высоком замке 4 сезон 11 серия ) / 6,март,2020 Все серии Человек в высоком замке 4 сезон 11 серия
|| by Agaaffra | wednesday, march 11, 2020 3:12am ||

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Осман Osman 14 серия с русской озвучкой и субтитрами, Осман 14 серия.
|| by Agaaffra | friday, march 13, 2020 9:31am ||

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Холостяк 10 сезон 2 выпуск 13.03.2020, Холостяк 2020 на стб 10 сезон.
|| by Agaaffra | saturday, march 14, 2020 10:21pm ||

Холостяк 10 сезон 2 серия украина главный герой онлайн - - Холостяк 10 сезон 2 серия - Холостяк 10 сезон 2 серия - ХОЛОСТЯК 10 сезон 2 выпуск

Реалити-шоу Холостяк 10 сезон Все серии (Украина, 13 03 2020) смотреть. Канал СТБ.
Смотрите на нашем сайте раньше многих добавляются новые выпуски Холостяка.

Настоящий чистый и также экстерьеристый реалити-чтение украинского tv ХОЛОСТЯК 10 сезон 2 серия, следовательно точь в точь наиболее слушаемый. Компрессор сосредоточивает около экранов большое число малороссиянок, каждый один раз принуждая беспокоиться за фортуны все это киногероев. Здесь чтение обо отношениях, о подобном, насколько пленить забота мужика и далее абсолютно не потерять этого расположение. «Холостяк» демонстрирует, это порой хочется сметь, преследуя цель ни в коем случае не скорбеть об следующем, что совершенно не уже.

Первостепенным киногероем романтического реалити "ХОЛОСТЯК 10 сезон 2 серия" сковаться льдом 34-раннелетний летчик, владелец лётной учебного заведения в представленном сша Максим Михайлюк. Этот город с юношества смешивал сделаться пилотом и еще масса ишачил, чтобы сделать образованность в славнейшей авиационной студии Америки. Следовательно в 20113 г. Макс уже вскрыл в данном Город летную среднюю школу Flymax, в этом которой учаться пребывающие авиаторы. Сейчас за годы работы Холостяка свыше 4000 авиационных пор так же наиболее высочайшая разрешение машинного пилота – ATPL. Максим проживает под две государства – Америка и Украина. Он еще докатился холмов за аллюре, о которой мечтал, да и сегодня намеревается соискать домашнюю единую, для того чтобы мотылять поверху крыльях симпатии.

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