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i've found a house
|| by jeff | thursday, november 3, 2005 3:54pm | comments(1) | permalink | post comment ||

i finally found a place that i liked at the right price and in a good location. i took possesion on halloween 2005. spooky.

a picture tour of my new place can be found here. (that's sarah's friend jillian that showed up in a few pictures). or you can view the tour as a video here and here.

i'll be adding a map soon to show where the place is, as well as some design ideas for what i'm going to be doing with the place.

Reza Fahim
|| by rezafahim | sunday, april 30, 2006 10:55pm ||

My name is Reza Fahim -

I am fascinated by the strides you are making with this website, furthermore just the ideas you are sharing are thought provoking. I found this site due to wanting to (at first) do exactly what you did with it. The term "Posthipster" captures some ideas im trying to explore. Im releasing a short film and some other material. I'd love to create some possibilities with you.

I feel that I'm a biproduct of this ADD, MTV, OCD, ART, HIP, Imbalanced SSRI generation yet ive come out unscathed. And pretty successful yet still searching.

My background is film wriitng and Philosophy degree. Real Estate investor/ landlord in order ot support my ART habits. We should TALK :)

At the least link our sites. You can Find me on Myspace at

my email is oldboyreza@gmail