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|| by jeff | wednesday, june 2, 2004 3:47pm | comments(1) | permalink | post comment ||

holy crap!

i may be the the last to know about these guys, but ZERO7 rocked my world last night when i went to go see them at the showbox.

this review is taken from a show they did in boston, but it applies just as well to the seattle show (minus references to red sox and baseball caps).

anyway, the show mixed some great music, with even better sound quality, and a triumvirate of sex godess vocalists in a way that was so hott that it could only be spelled with two 't's.

as the review above states, their recorded music can't quite compare with the live set - truly unexpected for music of this pedigree - but that shouldn't stop me from attempting to share the love.

check 'em out.

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|| by jeff | friday, november 5, 2004 12:31am ||

just seeing if comments work :)